About Imperial Safari Service

In order to give a true account of the areas we hunt we have put together a brief summary and given examples of the game found in each.  Each area, season and time of year will produce different results. Therefore it is imperative that you deal directly with your guide when you book your safari. Our guides all hunt in their own unique way, they operate in the areas they know and specialise in their favourite species and environments.  With in depth knowledge and expertise your guide will be able to tailor your safari plans to provide you with the best opportunities to bag your quarry.   To give you a feel for the hunts we offer we have simplified the destinations section into countries

  • - Tanzania
  • - Cameroon Savannah
  • - Cameroon Forest
  • - Botswana
  • Our Professional Hunters & Guides Schooled and trained in the traditional East African methods of hunting, our team of hunters have a personal interest in ensuring that your safari is the greatest adventure and hunt you will ever have. They have worked their way up through the industry and learned their trade through tough apprenticeships under some of the most respected names in the field. Every Professional Hunter has his own secrets, from knowing the best areas and hot spots within each region from season to season. Each and every safari is handled on an individual basis and is custom built to your individual specifications.