Ethics and Conservation

Big Game hunting, when carried out properly, plays a significant role in the conservation of Africa's wildlife, as well as providing economic support to the local indigenous tribes in the various regions. Imperial Safari Service takes responsibility to ensure that we put more back into the environment than we actually take out. We contribute a proportion of our revenue to the local regions to pay for area infrastructure such as roads, anti-poaching and the education of local communities within the hunting areas. With Imperial Safari Service you are purchasing an experience and an opportunity to take part in the hunt, rather than simply bagging a trophy. No animal is guaranteed. After all, we are hunting for the thrill of the chase, and any trophy that is taken should be looked upon as a bonus. Additionally, we are not a record book trophy hunting company, nor do we advertise quantity in regard to huge bags taken at the end of your trip.

Your guide will help you select an animal taking two factors into consideration; firstly, that the animal can be taken swiftly and humanely and secondly, that it does not negatively impact the sustainability of the wildlife population it derives from.